We are living in challenging and uncertain times in which leaders need support and encouragement to help them learn to navigate the world we are in. Leadership is hard, don’t do it alone. Leaders need to go deeper in their walk with Christ by connecting spiritual and missional practices to promote healthy rhythms.

What we Offer

We offer online training courses, personal coaching, and practical resources that will help you:

  • Go deeper with Christ. 
  • Transform your leadership effectiveness.
  • Lead change in your church or organization.

Whether it is in the marketplace or the church, we hope that we can help encourage and equip you to fulfill God’s mission through our unique training, coaching, and resources that are designed to help leaders thrive. Let us come alongside and help you today.

Our Story 

Missional Formation Coaching was founded by two friends, an Irishman and an American. Together, we have more than four decades of experience training and coaching leaders from around the world. We know that life and ministry is hard in today’s changing world.  Therefore, We have crafted online courses, personal coaching, and innovative resources that connect spiritual practices with missional practices to promote healthy rhythms. 

We are currently working with leaders in 12 different countries around the world: including Singapore, South Africa, England, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Nepal, Thailand, Scotland, Portugal and Dubai.

-Winfield and Mark

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