Our vision is to help leaders thrive by making coaching and coach training affordable, accessible, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Let us help you thrive as a leader and become a more effective coach today! We have helped leaders from all over the world unlock their potential, increase their leadership effectiveness, and learn how to coach others. We have trained leaders in more than twenty nations and six continents, including Asia, Africa, Australia,  Europe, South America, and North America.

Who We Work With

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Planters & Pioneers
  • Church leaders
  • Artists & Authors
  • Denominations & Networks
  • Market Place Leaders

Whether it is in the marketplace or the church, we hope that we can help encourage and equip you to fulfill God’s mission through our unique coaching, training, and resources that are designed to help leaders thrive.

Our Story

Missional Formation Coaching was developed by two friends, Mark Dunwoody, an Irishman and Winfield Bevins, an American. Together, we have more than four decades of experience training and coaching leaders from around the world. Having worked with hundreds of leaders, we also know that life and ministry is hard and can be unbearable at times if our life is not rooted in a missional spirituality.

While we are from different counties and our experience are very different, coaching has been at the center of everything we have done over the years. Why you may ask? Because we know that we couldn’t have done all that we have done without out the faithful men and women who have coached and mentored us over the years. Because of this, we know deep down in our bones that coaching is essential to be a leader in today’s complex world. That is why we want to share the coaching journey with you!

We founded MFC with a burden to help others thrive with an approach to coaching that connects spiritual practices with missional practices. Missional Formation Coaching is built upon a threefold framework of spiritual formation, leadership resilience, and missional creativity.

Let us help you unlock your potential and become a more effective leader today!


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