“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African proverb

Coaching is a very collaborative relationship between the coach and the person being coached that is focused on helping them achieve their goals. There are many benefits of coaching, both for the person being coached and for the church or organization where they serve. The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. Coaching helps people who want to:

  • Expand your vision for the future
  • Fulfill your dreams
  • Unlock your potential
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Take practical steps toward your goals

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF) 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more.

The bottom line is coaching provides an invaluable tool for personal and leadership development. Do not underestimate the impact of coaching!

What We Offer

We offer various coaching options that help leaders discover where God is working in their life and ministry, discern opportunities and develop action steps to see God’s agenda become a reality. We have a cadre of seasoned coaches who would love to share their ministry experiences with you and can provide tremendous insight as you undertake your journey.


This is the most personalized one-to-one coaching option that we offer with one of our certified coaches. Ranging from 6-12 months, our packages are customized to unlock your potential and conquer your future. Limited spots are available.


We offer several specialized consulting options for churches, non-profit organizations, and networks to select from, including a short one-day consultation and long-term leadership development projects. Contact us for more pricing information.


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What others say about our coaching:

“Coaching provides an opportunity for deep listening and reflection. To have someone truly listen not just to you, but to the Spirit, and to prompt you toward that movement and call is truly a gift. We always go farther with one another.” -Lydia Kelsey Buckling, Pastor, USA

“Coaching matters because without it you can get stuck in the echo chamber your own head, where you can drown yourself in the thoughts of a million things when only 1 or 2 should take priority. Coaching has the ability to bring clarity and perspective into a situation, at moments when you need it the most. It encourages and gives motivation and energy for you to keep going – and sometimes that makes all the difference between success and giving up”. -Lesley So, Social entrepreneur, England

“Coaching at its core is self-examining, self-directive, and self-accountable. Unlike other frameworks aimed at self-improvement, one who is coached is more likely to lead, direct, and assess independently together with the coach’s hints and tips.” -David Dong Hyun Nam, South Korea

“Coaching is not about just ‘what we know.’ It’s about ‘how we engage and apply’ these truths to our lives.” -So-Young Kang, CEO & Founder, Gnowbe Digital Learning, Singapore

“Coaching that begins and ends with prayer shows the seriousness of missional formation as Jesus prayed and spent time with God on a regular basis.”– John Hira, Bangladesh

“Thanks to MFC, I am better positioned to fulfill my calling and help others in the journey.” -Isaac Lasky, Church Planter, Thailand

“As an [Christian] entrepreneur, I have discovered that there exists in the world of business a drought of well qualified, mature leadership. Most business owners assume that leadership just comes naturally. It doesn’t. Leadership coaching, I think, is as fundamental to healthy organizational development as finance training, product development, marketing and sales education, and so forth. In fact, without leadership coaching, I think we will continue to have a deficit of “healthy” workplaces in our country and across the world. It’s long overdue.” -Randall Hardman, Founder Drinklings Coffee and Mugs, USA